Our Story

Patricia bought the farm in 2003 with the vision of a safe place for animals and an eco-friendly way to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Her “farm roots” go way back to her paternal grandparents who “lived off the land” in Alabama. Her family was military and thus traveled a great deal, however, when stateside she spend many a summer working the fields with her grandfather, weeding the vegetable gardens with her grandmother and learning to take care of all the animals who resided on her grandparents small farm.


We started out by wanting to grow our own vegetables. That led to learning about the health benefits of herbs and flowers. Patricia enjoys making her own infusions and tinctures from what she grows in her many gardens.


In 2011 we decided to share our 23+ acre farm with rescued animals. We thought chickens would be a good start and found six comet hens who needed rescuing. The impact that Gertrude, Mella, Freckles, Pumpkin, Spice and Nutmeg made upon our lives was eye opening.


We have a large fenced in chicken run, however, Patricia loves to have the birds wander in the yard and the gardens for pest control. The girls, well, they love it more! They would follow her around like she was the “mother hen”, at times right into the house, if the sliding door did not get closed. We call them “the girls” and their role in our lives at that time rekindled Patricia’s dream to build and create a sanctuary for more animals.


Harvest Moon Farm currently has chickens, roosters, rabbits, cats and goats rescued from auctions and were headed for slaughterhouses, strays that wandered unto property and into our lives, some found abandoned, and others wandering the roads of western New York. All of our animals reside together happily, each with their own unique personality and personal history. We sell our eggs, vegetables, herbs, flowers and preserved foods, with proceeds going towards the forever care of the animal sanctuary and the preservation of the nature retreat.


Contact us with any inquiries or comments. We would love to hear from you!


Vision Statement

In our increasingly digital dependent world we are loosing touch with Mother Nature. At Harvest Moon Farm we offer a re-connect with the Earth Mother, her plants and animals.